DIY Easter Treats for Dogs!

DIY Easter Treats

This past Easter I wanted to go all out and make DIY Easter Treats for the dogs. In my husband?s family, between his mom, aunt, and two of his brothers, as well as us, there are seven dogs. We are also all the type of people that bring our dogs along on vacations and family dinners. These results in some seriously interesting family get togethers, full with all things dogs. Matt?s (my husband) eldest brother actually recently had the first grandchild in his family, so we know as we all start to have babies this will change. But for the time being, our focus is on our dogs and them getting the most out of their lives!

In saying that, I decided to make three different types of freezer treats and put them in little mason jars for our furry family members. All of these are super easy to make and just require chocolate or ice cube moulds. I purchased my Easter chocolate moulds from my local Michael?s Craft Store. They often have different kinds depending on the season and usually they go on sale closer to the holiday. I purchased mind for buy one get one 50% off. If you don?t have a local craft store that carries these, you can also purchase them from Bulk Barn or online from Amazon. I recommend purchasing the silicone moulds so that it is easy to pop to treats out once they are frozen.

The three different types of treats that I did were, coconut oil and blueberries, peanut butter and raspberry jam, as well as frozen strawberries and blueberries. All of the ingredients in the treats I had on hand at home and were very simple to make. Of course you can tailor the ingredients to your dogs likes. As I have mentioned in the past, I have a very picky dog so I am always trying new combinations and flavour to see what she likes and is worth making again.

So lets get into the DIYing!

Frozen Blueberry Coconut Oil Dog Treats

Frozen Blueberry and Coconut Oil Dog Treats


  • Coconut Oil
  • Blueberries (I used frozen)

DIY Easter Treats - The ingredients for Frozen Blueberry Coconut Oil Dog Treats


  • Take your clean dry mould and place on a metal cookie sheet/tray.
  • Put 2-3 blueberries in each cavity of the mould. Since I used a cute bunny bum mould, I put the blueberries where the tail and the paws are.
  • Heat up your coconut oil in the microwave for about 30 seconds, or until it is a liquid.
  • Pour or spoon the coconut oil over the blueberries in the cavities, until almost full to the top.
  • Repeat with all of the cavities.
  • Take your cookie sheet/tray with the mould on top and pop it into the freezer for about 30 minutes to an hour. This recipe will take the least amount of time to solidify since coconut oil is solid at room temperature.
  • Once the coconut oil has solidified all the way through take them out of the freezer.
  • Then take the mold and pop out the treats.
  • Store in a jar or container in the freezer. You can store these ones in the fridge as well, however if you have used frozen blueberries as I have, they made release some liquid.


Frozen Blueberry and Coconut Oil Dog Treats

So there you have the first DIY Easter Treats. These coconut oil and blueberry treats are a huge hit with Marlee and she is a picky eater.

These treats are also really healthy for dogs. Coconut oil is good for your dogs stinky breathe due to its antibacterial properties. It is also good for digestion and reduces allergic reactions. One of the benefits that I love is that it?s great for your dog?s coat. It aids in itchy dry skin and works from the inside out. If you?re new to giving your dog coconut oil, it is recommend that you give your dog 1 teaspoon for every 10 pounds or 1 tablespoon for every 30 pounds. Start your dog off will a lower dosage to not throw off their system. If you plan on doing this recipe, I would work your dog up to being able to consume this much at once, or use a smaller mould with less coconut oil.

Frozen Blueberry and Coconut Oil Dog Treats

Blueberries are great for your dog just like they are great for humans. They contain vitamins, minerals, antioxidants as well as fiber. Blueberries are said to help improve vision, protect the brain against stress, as well as protect against cancer in dogs. For more check out the article, Health Benefits of Blueberries.

The second DIY Easter Treat that I made was Peanut Butter and Raspberry Jam. Who doesn?t love the classic of peanut butter and jam? I know I do so I figure that my four legged family members would as well. In the past I have mentioned that Marlee isn?t a huge fan of peanut butter. However, this is because she gets frustrated and doesn?t want to make the effort to eat it. These treats are a great solution to that problem since they are frozen. Your dog can take bites of the treats, eat it whole if they are a big enough dog, or lick it to savour the flavour.

Let?s get started to this twist on the classic PB and J

Peanut Butter and Raspberry Jam Dog Treats

Peanut Butter and Raspberry Jam Dog Treats


  • Peanut Butter
  • Raspberry Jam
  • Coconut Oil

DIY Easter Treats - The ingredients for Peanut Butter and Raspberry Jam Dog Treats


  • Place clean dry mould onto a metal cookie sheet/tray.
  • Warm up a small amount of coconut oil in the microwave for 30 seconds or until in a liquid form.
  • Warm up your raspberry jam in the microwave to loosen it up. Don?t over heat and make hot.
  • Mix together a very small amount of the coconut oil into the loose raspberry jam. This will help keep the form of the treat when out of the freezer, since coconut oil is solid at room temperature.
  • Spoon raspberry jam and coconut oil mixture into mould cavity until halfway full.
  • Repeat with all of the cavities.
  • Place the tray in the freezer for 30-60 minutes until the raspberry jam has firmed up and is stiff enough that the jam and peanut butter won?t combine.
  • Warm up the peanut butter in the microwave to loosen it up until it is a little bit liquid-like consistency.
  • Take some of the liquid coconut oil and mix it with the warmed up peanut butter. Again, this helps to keep the peanut butter more solid while out of the freezer and helps to allow you to store them in the fridge.
  • Take your peanut butter ad coconut oil mixture and spoon it into the cavities the rest of the way to the top.
  • Repeat for all of the cavities.
  • Place cookie sheet/tray with the mould in the freezer and freeze for 3 hours or over night until treats are frozen all the way through.
  • Then take the mould and pop out the treats.
  • Store in a jar or container in the freezer.

Peanut Butter and Raspberry Jam Dog Treats

There you have it, the peanut butter and jam classic turned into your furry companions new favourite treat. This recipe is so simple and also has some health benefits for your doggie.

Many people know that peanut butter is a good source of protein. This is no different for dogs. Apart from peanut butter being as good source of protein it also contains heart healthy fats, vitamin B, Niacin and vitamin E. However, it is always advised to give your dog a small amount as a treat and not over indulge them, even though it may be their favourite.

Raspberries also have some great health benefits for your furry best friend. They are antioxidants similar to blueberries, as well as an anti-inflammatory. This is great if your four-legged friend has arthritis. Raspberries also contain vitamin C, manganese and fiber. However, it is important to note that raspberries also contain a small amount of xylitol, which is dangerous for dogs. Due to this reason, make sure that you limit the amount of raspberries your dog consumes and do not give raspberries to them regularly. In this recipe I used raspberry jam, but you could also take frozen or fresh raspberries and blend them up in a blender or food processor. However, make sure you only give them this treat in small amounts and not regularly.

The last DIY Easter Treat that I made was strawberry-blueberry. When coming up with these recipes I wanted to use ingredients that most people already have in their fridge and freezer. Maybe it?s just me, but I always have a ton of frozen fruit on hand. It?s often cheaper than buying fresh fruit, lasts longer, and is so versatile. Apart from feeding it to the dog, I love whipping it up in smoothies, topping my cereal and yogurt with it or just eating it straight. But it does come in handy with Marlee as well. That is why I have used strawberries and blueberries in this last DIY Easter Treat. It?s healthy for dogs and they love these two fruits.

Frozen Strawberry-Blueberry Layered Dog Treats

Frozen Strawberry-Blueberry Layered Dog Treats


  • Frozen Strawberries
  • Frozen Blueberries
  • Coconut oil

DIY Easter Treats - The ingredients for Frozen Strawberry-Blueberry Layered Dog Treats


  • Place your clean dry mould on a metal cookie sheet/tray.
  • Take your frozen strawberries and put them in a food processor or blender.
  • Blend until the strawberries are broken up in small enough pieces that it turns into a paste when mushed together.
  • Repeat the process above with your blueberries, making sure that they are small enough pieces that they combine into a paste.
  • Next melt a small amount (about 4 tablespoons) of coconut oil in the microwave.
  • Mix half of the coconut oil with the strawberries
  • Mix half of the coconut oil with the blueberries; you need to do this quickly so that the coconut oil doesn?t harden when you are combining it.
  • Take your strawberry paste and spoon it into the mould cavity until it is half full.
  • Repeat for all of the cavities.
  • Place in the freezer for 30-60 minutes, until the mixture is slightly firm.
  • Take your blueberry paste and spoon it into the cavities until it is completely full.
  • Repeat with all of the cavities.
  • Once finished, place the mould on the tray in the freezer for 3 hours or over night until treats are frozen all the way through.
  • Then take the mold and pop out the treats.
  • Store in a jar or container in the freezer.

Frozen Strawberry-Blueberry Layered Dog Treats

These DIY Easter Treats are fairly simple and are easy. I had frozen strawberries and frozen blueberries on hand so that was convenient. You can also use fresh, but I find that more expensive and it may take longer to freeze into a solid mould. Therefore, I recommend using frozen fruit.

Frozen Strawberry-Blueberry Layered Dog Treats

I already mentioned the many benefits of blueberries above for the Frozen Blueberry Coconut Oil Dog Treats. However, strawberries are also very beneficial for your four-legged friend. Similar to blueberries they also contain antioxidants. They are also full of fiber and contain vitamin C. Strawberries also have an enzyme that helps to whiten dog?s teeth, which is always great if your dog isn?t a fan of bones or teeth brushing.

Frozen Strawberry-Blueberry Layered Dog Treats


All there of these DIY Easter Treats are super easy to make and use so little ingredients that most people will have them on hand. Also, if you don?t want to include the coconut oil in the Peanut Butter and Raspberry Jam Dog Treats or the Frozen Strawberry-Blueberry Layered Dog Treats you don?t have to. But I recommend storing them in the freezer and giving them to your dog in their bowl or on a place mat. Otherwise they melt very quickly and can make a mess. The blueberries will stain so be careful where your doggie is enjoying their treats.

DIY Easter Dog Treats

DIY Easter Dog Treats

Mini Mason Jars and Easter Tags

Since these were gifts, I packaged them in the mini mason jars and cut out a name tag for the dog that was receiving it. To cut out the name tag I just used a bunny shaped cookie cutter, as well as an egg shaped cookie cutter. but you can free hand it. I then punched a hole in the tag and used some string to attach it to the mason jar. It was super easy and the mini mason jar is great for storing in the freezer.

DIY Easter Dog Treat Jars - Cookie Cutters

The best thing about these treats is that you can make them for any occasion. You can use generic dog moulds, or a mould for a different holiday and use the same recipes. You also don?t need an occasion to treat your dog. These are a great treat for the summer when it?s hot and your furry friend needs a little cooling down.

DIY Easter Dog Treats

Let us know if you out try these DIY Easter Treats or if you have other recipes your doggie companion loves in the comments below! Stay posted for our upcoming Doggie Easter Egg Hunt!

Wet Kisses and Tail Wags,
Karlee and Marlee

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Wheat Free Peanut Butter Banana Muffins for Dogs

This past week was our little Marlee’s 3rd birthday, and we celebrated by making her some wheat free peanut butter banana muffins. Marlee is an extremely picky dog and is not a huge eater. She often gets bored of the same food and treats quickly. So I am constantly looking for and creating new recipes for her to try out. We made mini muffins due to Marlee’s small size, but if you had a larger dog you definitely could make these in a regular sized muffin tray.

Wheat Free Peanut Butter Banana Muffins for Dogs

You can also make the regular sized muffins and cut them in half or in quarters to suit your dogs size if you don’t have a mini muffin tray. In the past Marlee hasn’t been a fan of peanut butter. I know she’s weird, what dog doesn’t like peanut butter? But the truth is, I think she likes the taste, but finds eating straight peanut butter too frustrating since it is so thick and sticky.

Thankfully, Marlee loves these wheat free peanut butter banana muffins! She loves the taste and is put off by the texture like she often is by other doughy/biscuit treats. We did have to take the mini muffins and make them into smaller pieces for her, since she always has a hard time ripping apart her food, and we didn’t want to risk her choking on the muffin. As always when it comes to your furry friend and especially when feeding them, make sure they have fresh water accessible. This recipe turned out to be fairly moist but Marlee did drink quite a bit of water while eating. You can always make the recipes more moist with a little more banana and water.

Print Recipe
Wheat Free Peanut Butter Banana Muffins for Dogs
Prep Time 10 mins
Cook Time 10-12 mins
Prep Time 10 mins
Cook Time 10-12 mins
  1. Preheat oven to 350?F.
    Wheat Free Peanut Butter Banana Muffin Ingredients
  2. Combine the egg, honey and mashed banana.
    Wheat Free Peanut Butter Banana Muffins
  3. Next mix in the smooth peanut butter.
    Wheat Free Peanut Butter Banana Muffin
  4. Add in the wheat free flour, rolled oats and baking powder.
  5. Lastly, add in the water and combine.
    Wheat Free Peanut Butter Banana Muffins
  6. Let mixture sit for 15 minutes. Meanwhile, place mini muffin liners into the mini muffin tray.
    Wheat Free Peanut Butter Banana Muffins
  7. Scoop the dough into each mini muffin liner.
    Wheat Free Peanut Butter Banana Muffins
  8. Place mini muffin tray in the oven for 10-12 minutes.
    Wheat Free Peanut Butter Banana Muffins

Well there you have it, wheat free peanut butter banana muffins. If your dog doesn’t have a wheat or grain allergy you can always use regular old flour. However, if your dog does have allergies, especially to wheat, gluten, or grain, this recipe is great. Most of the time, you can take a regular recipe that calls for flour and omit it for a grain free flour. Just make sure you always check the ingredients to make sure that they are safe for dogs. With a grain free flour, there will be a combination of ingredients to allow it to act the same as regular wheat flour.

Marlee waiting to eat her wheat free peanut butter banana mini muffin

Since it was Marlee’s birthday we let her have a couple mini muffins. We also got her a couple new birthday toys and some birthday cake bites from our local?PetSmart. These are great if you don’t have the time to make your furry companion homemade treats. However you can always make the peanut butter banana muffins in advance and refrigerate or freeze them. I made two dozen mini muffins, I put a dozen in the fridge and a dozen in the freezer. The best way to store them is lining a ziplock freezer bags with paper towel and laying the muffins flat. Then just let them thaw before feeding to your dog.

So does your four legged best friend have a birthday coming up? Or are you celebrating a special occasion and want to include your dog best friend? Make a dozen wheat free peanut butter muffins and let your doggie feel special. You can give any leftovers to your friends and families dogs, or freeze them for later.

Interested in more dog friendly recipes? Or does your dog have any allergies? Make sure to check back for future recipes and if you have any you and your furry friend love, share them in the comments below!?We hope your four legged best friend enjoys these Wheat Free Peanut Butter Banana Muffins.

Check out our latest post?here?for some great activities to do with your dog.

Wet Kisses and Tail Wags,
Karlee and Marlee

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BarkBox Review – February 2018

February BarkBox Review 2018

Marlee received her February BarkBox so once again we have decided to do a review. We will be looking at all of the items that she received in this month’s BarkBox and rating them.

The main categories are, theme, toys, treats, the chew and the box overall. Some of these categories are further broken down, for example the theme will be looked at as the idea itself as well as how BarkBox was able to carry it out. The toys will be looked at individually. The treats will be broken down into taste and if it matched the months theme. The chew will be based on taste. Lastly the overall BarkBox and if the human and dog enjoyed it.

We will also be mentioning other toys that could be in the February BarkBox, as well as where to purchase them. If you want to learn more about what BarkBox is before reading the February BarkBox review, check out our January BarkBox Review for more information. So let’s get into the review!

February BarkBox Review 2018 - Paradise Unleashed Theme


The February BarkBox theme was Paradise Unleashed. The information card this month is a the form of a brochure, which had a funny cartoon on the front of a dog lounging on a beach chair by the ocean next to a palm tree. The cartoon also has two dogs in the background playing with a beach ball. The funniest part of the cartoon is that the dog lounging on the chair is wearing multiple bikini tops to cover up its private areas, and the doggie has a water bowl next to her on a table with an umbrella and lemon wedge. While this is just the front panel of the brochure there is lots of information inside.

The first panel on the inside of the brochure shows another dog at a tiki bar with a drink in his hand. Underneath the cartoon, is a welcome message stating, ?Sit and Stay a While! Welcome to Paradise Unleashed, the tropical getaway where dogs are the guests of honor! This month, you?re in for a sandy beach, the ocean breeze, and island feast, and plenty of sturdy new friends. So pour yourself a Pi?a Chew-lada and relax! Because no matter where you are, you?re never far from paradise when you?re with your dog.?

The next two panels of he brochure, feature four of the many toys your furry friend could potentially receive for this months BarkBox. The ones featured are Cecil?s Sea Shell, Coconut Pina Chew-lada, Penny the Pineapple and Dancing Dani The Squirrel. Underneath each toy featured BarkBox has put a little description, while using words to create an image in your mind of your dog enjoying some time in the sun. To go along with the other cartoons on the brochure, the panel on the right hand side also features a dog drinking a pina chew-lada with a piece of bacon sticking out of it, which is a hint towards what is on the back of the brochure.

When you flip over the brochure, the last two panels feature a dog dancing under a palm tree while wearing a flower crown, flower necklace and a skirt. As with every BarkBox they encourage you to interact with them and others on social media. This month?s hashtag is, #paradiseunleashed, which will give you, access to many other dogs also enjoying their BarkBox.

The last panel, is titled A Taste of Paradise, and features two recipes for Strawberry Pi?a Colada?s. The first is for your pup and is called a Strawberry Pi?a Chew-Lada. The second is for you, the human, which is a Virgin Strawberry Pi?a Colada. Both have all the ingredients listed, as well as the instructions on how to make them. Along side this information, are two cute cartoons of what the drinks could look like in coconuts. While Marlee and I have yet to try the drinks, we definitely plan on keeping the recipes and making them when the weather is a little warmer!

February BarkBox Review 2018 - Pina Colada Recipes

The brochure in the February BarkBox is not the only place that detail was put into. The wrapping that everything comes in, inside the box also has cartoons of dogs preforming various beach and vacation activities. The inside of the wrapping is in full colour and features some of the other dogs that are in the brochure, mentioned above. However, it also includes so many others also enjoying their time in the sun. The outside of the wrapping has just as much detail, just not in colour. Now enough about the theme, let?s move onto the toys.

The rating we are giving for the idea behind the theme is 7/10. It was pretty creative and we liked that Bark was able to come up with a lot of ?punny? ideas to go along with it. The rating that we are giving for how BarkBox was able to carry out the theme throughout the entire bark is 9/10. The brochure that was used as the information card was so cleaver, just like a real resort brochure. All of the little extra details added to the brochure, the wrapping and the box were also done very well. As you will see next, they were able to come up with many great toys to go along with the theme, as well as treats that matched the theme.


I mentioned a few of the toys that could be included in the February BarkBox, however I am going to talk a bit about the ones that Marlee did receive. In the Paradise Unleashed themed BarkBox Marlee received two toys, the first one was Tiki Twins Tug, and the second was Penny the Pineapple, which was mentioned in the brochure.

Tiki Twins Tug

Marlee absolutely loves toys that she can play tug of war with. I feel that many dogs are this way and while it is fun to play with a toy on their own. Dogs love to interact with each other and their humans. The Tiki Twins Tug is great for just that. The toy has two tiki heads that had a wood grain appearance and painted on faces. However the heads are soft/fuzzy to the touch and the faces are embroidered. I love being able to see the quality that has been put into the toys, because it makes you know that they are worth it.

A rope attaches the two Tiki heads and then there are two loops of rope on either end. Like many of the other BarkBox toys, the rope is made out of t-shirt rope, which is soft and stretchy. I?m lucky that while Marlee does destroy toys, she doesn?t try to eat the material. However if your dog is a destroyer and does eat the material, you can feel safe that if your dog ingests the t-shirt rope they will be able to pass it easier than if they ingested actual rope material. Also, since the rope is made out of t-shirt and is stretchy, Marlee loves to tug on it and it has a bit of give. That way, even if I am not actively pulling against her and just holding the toy, she has the motion of playing tug of war, even if it is just with herself.

Lastly, the Tiki Twins Tug, has two classic squeakers in it. Marlee absolutely loves squeaky toys and really anything that makes a sound. Weather it squeaks or crinkles she?s all over it. The Tiki Twins Tug has a classic squeaker in each of the tiki heads which is great to get your dogs attention to start a game of tug of war, or for individual play. If I don?t have the time to play with Marlee she is still able to entertain herself by biting and squeaking the squeakers by herself. This keeps her entertained for hours.

For the Tiki Twins Tug we give them a 6/10. The toy is a nice toy and Marlee has had a lot of fun playing with it. It is also a good quality toy, however it could have more to it. There is the t-shirt rope which is nice but apart from that there are only two squeakers. The rest of the toy is very similar to many of the other toys that are out on the market. It is a creative idea and matches well with the theme but it not as cleaver as some of the other toys that BarkBox has done. It would also be nice if the two tiki heads could slide along the t-shirt rope, similar to some of the previous toys Bark has had.

February BarkBox Review 2018 - Penny the Pineapple Toy

Penny the Pineapple

Penny the Pineapple toy truly was a treasure that Marlee received in the February BarkBox. The exterior is a soft plush toy, with an embroidered face. As well as crinkle green leaves on top. Marlee absolutely loves the crinkle leaves and the squeaker inside of Penny.

The best part of Penny the Pineapple though, is that Penny is three toys in one! Marlee has yet to destroy Penny and get inside of her outer layer, but when the day comes that she does. She will be pleasantly surprised to find that there will be another Penny inside, only sadder. If that isn?t already cool, if you have a dog that also chews through sad Penny, they will be happy to find that there is a bonus spiky ball inside the core.

So truly you are getting three toys in one when you receive this toy in your February BarkBox, or purchase it from the BarkShop. I don?t know if Marlee will get to the spiky ball in the core of the toy, and she is truly not a huge fan of plastic toys. However, at that point she will have had tons of fun with Happy Penny and Sad Penny. If your dog is like Marlee and isn?t a fan of plastic toys, it never hurts to share and give the toy to another pup that will enjoy it.

The only downfall I have found with Penny the Pineapple is that she is a little bit heavy. Resulting it Marlee having a hard time carrying her around. This is most likely due to the fact that Marlee is a small 12-pound dog and not an issue most dogs would have. Marlee also has a fairly small mouth and has a hard time biting around the main body of Penny. However she is able to pull on the crinkle leaves and still enjoy playing with the toy.

Also, as always, if your dog destroys the toys that they received in their monthly BarkBox, you can always contact BarkBox and get a replacement toy. If you have a super chewer dog that destroys ever toy that they receive, then you should consider getting the super chewers BarkBox.

We give Penny the Pineapple a 10/10! Yes, we know that a high rating but after hearing all about it above, I?m sure you can see why. First, the idea of it is super cute, everyone loves pineapples and that is one of the things that we expect to see at a resort or on the beach. Just looking at the toy as one, it has a loud squeaker inside, as well as crinkle leaves. Some dogs may not like the crinkles but as I mentioned before, Marlee loves crinkle toys. Also, since penny the pineapple is actually three toys in one, and will get lots of mileage during playtime. We couldn?t not give this toy a high rating.

Treats and Chew

In every monthly BarkBox, you will receive two bags of treats and a chew. As I mentioned in previous posts, Marlee is allergic to wheat and chicken. One of the things that Marlee and I love about BarkBox is that all of their treats are wheat, corn and soy free. So that is one less issue we have to worry about. However since many dog treats contain chicken, we contacted BarkBox when we first signed up for our monthly subscription and it is noted in her file that she cannot have chicken. So every month we have been happy to receive treats and chews that are wheat and chicken free. The two treats that Marlee received this month were, Coconut Shrimp Treats and Wild Alaskan Salmon Jerky Treat, and the chew was a Koha Bacon Chew.

February BarkBox Review 2018 - Coconut Shrimp Dog Treats

Coconut Shrimp Treats

These coconut shrimp treats smell just like coconut and shrimp. This may sound silly since they are made from coconut and shrimp. However, many times when a treat says that it is something, it doesn?t smell, as it should. Therefore, it is always nice when you open a bag of treats for your dog and it smells as the name states. Looking at the ingredient list it states that the first ingredient is shrimp and all of the other ingredients are foods that I recognize and feel comfortable giving my dog.

Marlee was mediocre about the coconut shrimp treats. She did in some of them and seemed to like the taste. However I have mentioned in the past that she is an extremely picky dog and she seems to be a purest when it comes to food and treats. What I mean by that is, she likes food that is just the pure form, not mixed with anything or baked. Her favourite treats are duck tenders and beef liver bites. So since these treats are a combination of ingredients baked together she isn?t a huge fan. The texture is also a little bit grainy, since coconut has a different texture to it.

When I first gave Marlee one of the Coconut Shrimp Treats she had such a funny reaction. She started to rub her face and neck on the treat instead of eating it. The only other time she has had this reaction to something, has been when she finds a dead animals outside. In saying that, these dead animals are small ones such as dead garden snakes in the grass or dead mice in our driveway. We live in the countryside so these are fairly common occurrence for us. The reason Marlee reacts this way, we have no idea but she seems to like the smell of dead animals and wants to wear it as a new perfume.

For Marlee to have this odd reaction to the Coconut Shrimp Treats is somewhat comical to me. At first I started laughing, and then once I took the treat back and broke it into smaller pieces she started to eat it. She had this odd reaction again another time that I gave her these treats so I stopped giving them to her whole, and usually break them up first now. I guess that just means these Coconut Shrimp Treats are so fresh they smell like a dead animal to Marlee. This is practically a compliment coming from Marlee.

We are giving the Coconut Shrimp treats an 8/10 on creativity and theme. They are pretty creative and similar to what a human would have at a resort vacation. They are also a cute idea, and carry out the theme of Paradise Unleashed. However we are only rating them a 4/10 on taste. Marlee was not a huge fan of the taste, and while the ingredients seem to be high quality, due to the texture and smell some dogs and humans may be thrown off by these.

February BarkBox Review 2018 - Wild Alaskan Salmon Dog Treats

Wild Alaskan Salmon Jerky Treats

The Wild Alaskan Salmon Jerky Treats were a whole different story. Marlee absolutely loves these. From the first time I gave her one, she completely devoured it and wanted more. She often does not have this reaction to food or treats, except for duck tenders. It is so hard to find treats that Marlee loves and continues to love as time goes on. But with these Wild Alaskan Salmon Jerky Treats, it was love at first bite.

Marlee devoured the entire bag over the course of the month. But if she had it her way, it would have been gone within a couple days. However, according to the feeding guide a dog her size is only suppose to have 2-3 pieces per day so we tried to really stretch it out and make them last. They are made with all natural wild caught salmon from pure Alaskan waters. They are premium human grade ingredients and a good source of vitamins A, B, D, E and naturally balanced Omega 3 fatty acids. This makes me a very happy dog mommy, knowing that I am feeding my fur baby something that she loves and is good for her.

Unfortunately we can no longer order these treats on the BarkShop website since they rotate their products regularly. But thankfully, I was able to find the company that makes these treats which is located in Alaska. We plan on ordering more in the future directly from the companies website. If you?re interested in ordering these Wild Alaskan Salmon Jerky Treats you can do so here.

We are giving the Wild Alaskan Salmon Jerky Treats an 8/10 on creativity and theme. They matched well with the theme of Paradise Unleashed. They also are something that you would expect to find on a beach or resort vacation, similarly to the coconut shrimp treats. The packaging however was the regular companies packaging, and not as cute and theme oriented as some of the other past treats BarkBox has done. We are also giving these treats an 8/10 on taste. Marlee absolutely loved the taste of these and they are also healthy for her. However, they are extremely fishy smelling and I often didn?t want to touch them. This could throw off a dog or their human.

February BarkBox Review 2018 - Koha Bacon Dog Chew

Koha Bacon Chew

This chew is made from pork and has a bacon flavour. In the past I have mentioned how Marlee loves bacon but she isn?t a huge fan of bacon-flavoured foods. I know she is the worlds pickiest dog. Which is why I was surprised when she had devoured half of this chew soon after receiving it. She is very hit or miss with chews. Often if the chew is just pure meat, such as last months deer chew she will have it gone in no time. But the chew is a combination of meat, starches, fruits, vegetables, etc. Then she either wants nothing to do with it or only chews it if she is hungry between meals.

The Koha Bacon Chew is actually in the latter category, being made from pork, potato starch, pea powder, beet pulp, bacon flavour and a variety of other ingredients. Which is why like I said, it is surprising that she actually likes this chew.

Marlee hasn?t yet finished this chew and she maybe never will but I give it a pass since it did catch her interest when she first received it and she chewed through and ate half of it. It is not something we plan to reorder in the future but it was well worth receiving in our February BarkBox.

We are giving the Koha Bacon Chew a 6/10. There are a lot of ingredients in it, which does not appeal to all dogs. It also was bacon flavoured, which as I mentioned above, does not appeal to Marlee usually. She did however chew about half of it and that is why I have given it a 6. But I don?t anticipate her finishing the chew. However, the idea of bacon on vacation does sit right with us, and it does go along with the Paradise Unleashed theme.

February BarkBox Review 2018

Was This Month Worth It?

If you have been keeping track that is a total of 66/90 points we have given the February BarkBox – Paradise Unleashed. However we haven?t yet given our overall rating. When looking at this BarkBox as a whole, we are giving it a 7/10. The theme was a pretty creative one and brought with lots of puns. It was carried out throughout every aspect of the BarkBox. The details put into the brochure and the physical items in the box were well thought out. All of the toys were also creative and majority of them matched well with the theme. The treats were also nicely paired and carried out the theme fairly seamlessly. There was nothing in this box that I thought didn?t belong there.

So our final score for the February BarkBox – Paradise Unleashed is 73/100. So in our books that?s a pass. Not every single item was perfect but majority of them were. This is just our opinion on the items that we received. Marlee is picky with toys and treats and she liked 4 out of 5 of the items in this month?s box. Other dogs may like all of the items in this box, and not all of the boxes are the same. You can also order any of the toys that are apart of the February BarkBox on the website if you see others that you like but your dog didn?t receive.

February BarkBox Review 2018- Marlee with her BarkBox items

Let us know if you received a February BarkBox and your thoughts on it in the comments below! Also stay posted for our future BarkBox Reviews and posts.

Wet Kisses and Tail Wags,
Karlee and Marlee

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5 Dog Friendly March Break Activities

Looking for some dog friendly march break activities to enjoy as a family? Fear not, we have compiled 5 activities that the whole family can enjoy, and you don’t have to worry about leaving your four legged best friend at home. This list includes activities that will keep your dog interested while not boring the family. So let’s get to it!

Chihuahua in St Patrick's Day Hat Ready for a Dog Friendly March Break Activity

1. Toronto St Patrick’s Day Parade

Spend the first Sunday of your March Break with all members of your family celebrating St Patrick’s Day, at the Toronto St Patrick’s Day Parade. Get out of the house and enjoy the end of winter with a fun fullied day watching the floats and people in the parade. Your furry friend can come alone and enjoy the different costumes and entertainment. You can even dress up your doggie companion in some festive St Patrick’s Day clothes! For more information on the parade and the parades route visit?here.

2. Geocaching

Another great dog friendly march break activity is geocaching. This is actually an activity that you can do any time of the year. It is probably easiest during the summer months since it is an outdoor activity and requires you to move around, however here in Southern Ontario we have been having a fairly mild winter and it would be very easy to go geocaching this March Break and bring your four legged best friend along for a nice outdoors activity. There are geocaches located all over the world so no matter where you live, chances are there are some spots around you. For more information and some locations in the GTA check?here.

My Dog's Cafe and Bar Hamilton a Great Dog Friendly March Break Activity

3. My Dog’s Cafe & Bar

Looking to enjoy a a dog friendly march break activity thats indoors? Take a little trip to Hamilton and visit My Dog’s Cafe and Bar. Meet up with your human friends and enjoy a coffee, while your furry friend can meet and play with other peoples furry friends. A great dog friendly march break activity to enjoy in the evening when you just want to hang out, or on those colder days where being outside does not look appealing. For more information check out My Dog’s Cafe & Bars website?here.

4. Trail Walk

All dogs love trail walks. Well Marlee did not like walking on a trail when we first rescued her but now with some love and practice walking on and off leash, she loves trail walks. I have never met another dog that doesn’t love trail walks, so chances are your dog does. If they don’t just keep trying and giving them lots of love and support and it will come over time. So if you have a dog that loves trail walks what better dog friendly march break activity than this one! Whether its snowy or not, its always fun to get outside and get some exercise with your four legged best friend. Not sure where the closest dog friendly trails are to you??Check out this?website.

Dogs at Dog Park Enjoying a Dog Friendly March Break Activity

5. Dog Park

The dog park is a great dog friendly march break activity. It literally made for dogs to go and have fun. No matter the weather your furry friend is going to have time running around and playing with other dogs. The family could also have a blast getting to meet and play with other dogs, or talk to other dog owners. Its a great opportunity for you and your dog to meet other like minded people/dogs. It is also great for your dog to get some exercise and get some energy out that is not just them hooked up to their leash. Whether you live in the city or the country, its always a great experience for the whole family, but especially for your doggie companion. Check for dog parks near you here.

So there you have it, 5 Dog Friendly March Break Activities that the whole family can enjoy. Take advantage of the great weather we have been having and get out for some fresh air and exercise. It will be great for you and especially great for your four legged best friend. Have any other suggestions that we can add to the list, leave it in the comments below!

Also don’t forget to check out our thoughts on a monthly BarkBox subscription and if its worth it here.

Wet Kisses and Tail Wags,
Karlee and Marlee

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