Father’s Day Gift Guide for Dog Dads

Father's Day Gift Guide for Dog Dads

Celebrate the Dog Dad in your life this Father?s Day and let them know how important they are to you! Father?s Day isn?t only for dads with human children. Dog dads work just as hard as a regular human dad. There?s lots of responsibility and hard work that comes along with being a dog dad, picking up poop, filling the water and food bowls, early morning walks, bedtime cuddles. It?s just like having a human child. So spoil the dog dad in your life this Father?s Day because picking up dog poop is hard stinky work!

1. Beer Cozy: Dog Beers – $4.99US

Father's Day Gift Guide for Dog Dads - Beer Cozy

Is your dog dad a beer drinker? If the answer to that question is a yes, than they will love this gift. This beer cozy says, ?Beers are like dogs, they prefer to run in packs!? This is a super nice and cute gift that any dad that?s a beer drinker would love. If you don?t like this saying, check out the other beer cozies on the My Beer Cozy website. They have other dog-related cozies that the dog dad in your life will also love!

2. Personalized Paw Print Cufflinks – $190US

Father's Day Gift Guide for Dog Dads - Personalized Paw Print Cufflinks

If your dog dad dresses in a suit and tie everyday for work, they will love these personalized cufflinks. These aren?t your typical personalized cufflinks that are monogramed. These cufflinks are from Silver Pet Prints and they will put your dogs paw print on a pair of cufflinks. Your dog dad now never has to leave to go to work with leaving their dog behind. Take along your four-legged friend in any way that you can!

3. Best Dog Dad Ever T-shirt ? 13.99US

Father's Day Gift Guide for Dog Dads - Best Dog Dad Ever T-Shirt

Tell the dog dad in your life that they are the Best Dog Dad Ever with this super cute t-shirt. While Father?s Day may only be one day a year, the dog dad in your life won?t forget that you love them with this t-shirt. They can wear it any day of the year and proudly show that they are, the Best Dog Dad Ever!

4. Pop Your Pup Personalized Canvas – $149.99US

Father's Day Gift Guide for Dog Dads - Pop Your Pup Personalized Canvas

Who wouldn?t love a picture of their dog? Hang this personalized canvas in your home so that you and your furry friend can enjoy looking at them. This is a great gift for any dog dad that has lost their pup or genuinely just loves their dog. I know I love looking at pictures of my sweet girl and a personalized canvas of her would be amazing.

5. Cookbook for Dogs ? $12.90

Father's Day Gift Guide for Dog Dads - Cookbook for Dogs

For the hands on dad, this cookbook is perfect. Get messy in the kitchen cooking up a meal or some treats for your four-legged best friend. Begging is allowed in this kitchen, since you will be cooking for your doggie. This gift is also great for the dog dad that wants to spend time at home with their furry best friend. The best part is that this cookbook is less than $13 on amazon!

6. World?s Best Dog Dad Mug – $16.86

Father's Day Gift Guide for Dog Dads - World's Best Dog Dad Mug

Let everyone know that you?re the World?s Best Dog Dad with this mug from Strictly Business Mugs. Use this mug at home for your morning coffee, or bring to the office to let the whole world know how amazing you are. If you don?t like this style of dog dad mug, check out the other options from this cute Etsy shop!

7. Personalized Keychain – $29.46

Father's Day Gift Guide for Dog Dads - Personalized Keychain

Everyone has a key that needs a keychain. Which is why this is a great gift idea! At Rosie?s Pendants they make personalized keychains where you can have a picture of you and your dog on one side. On the other side a cute saying such as ?This Dad belongs to a *insert dog breed*? This is such a nice keepsake that any dog dad would love to have. Not to mention, they will be able to show off their doggie anywhere they go!

8. ?PupSocks – $29.99US

Father's Day Gift Guide for Dog Dads - PupSocks

What is more personal than your dogs face on your socks? Everyone wears socks at some point, and now you can walk around with your best friends face on your feet! Pup Socks?is the company that makes these personalized socks and they do it for the low price of $29.99US. Any dog dad would love a pair of these, and at that price, why not get two pairs?

9. Dog Dad AF Hat – $26.77

Father's Day Gift Guide for Dog Dads - Dog Dad AF Hat

The sun getting bright while you?re walking your dog everyday? The closer we get to summer the more important a hat is. Step out in style with this Dog Dad AF Hat from the Etsy shop Zira The Corgi! Now you can represent being a dog dad everywhere you go with this trendy hat. All the other dads at the dog park are going to be jealous.

10. DIY Pet Safe Ink Paw Print Picture – $20

Father's Day Gift Guide for Dog Dads - DIY Pet Safe Ink Paw Print Picture

Some of the best gifts are handmade ones, or should we say paw-made. Check out our DIY Pet Safe Ink Paw Print Picture! This gift is super easy to make and costs $20 or less. The majority of the cost is in the picture frame, so you could even go to your local dollar store and pick up a cheap canvas to do this DIY project on. Trust me the dog dad in your life will love this gift because of the meaning behind it, not the money spent!

11. Dog Dad Father?s Day Card – $5.83

Father's Day Gift Guide for Dog Dads - Father's Day Card

Don?t forget the card! Every gift needs a cute or witty card to go along with it. The Etsy shop Wonderflies, makes this cute but funny card that any dog dad would love. This card would work for any breed, size, or age of dog, because let?s be real all dogs poop and someone?s got to pick it up!

We hope that our Father?s Day Gift Guide for Dog Dads helps you! Make sure you celebrate all dads this Father?s Day! Remember that it?s not how much the gift costs but that it comes from your heart.

Let us know if you purchase any of these gifts for the Dog Dad in your life this Father?s Day!

Happy Father?s Day to all of the Dog and Human Dads out there!

Wet Kisses and Tail Wags,
Karlee and Marlee

Dog Mom – Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Dog Mom Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is an important day to celebrate all mothers. Whether you’re a mom with human children or a dog mom, it’s a day to recognize the love and sacrifices you have given your family. That is why we have brought to you 10 ideas that any dog mom would love for Mother’s Day. These items range from as inexpensive as $8 to $299 if you really want to spoil your mom. Let’s be real, if you’re a dog mom, you can also just treat yourselves this mother’s day, theres no rule saying someone else has to buy the gift for you. We hope you enjoy our Dog Mom – Mother’s Day Gift Guide!

Mother's Day Gift Guide for Dog Mom - Devoted Dog Pandora Charm

Pandora Dog Charm – $40

Most of the time when you?re a mom, you don?t often buy yourself things that aren?t necessities. Being a dog mom, I know this is no different having a dog child than a human child. I am more likely to purchase toys and clothes for my fur baby than myself. So Mother?s Day is the perfect time to treat that dog mom in your life and get her something she wouldn?t buy for herself. What better way to show that her fur baby loves her as much she loves them than with the Devoted Dog charm from Pandora. Even when you?re not together, every time you look down and see the cute dog face on your Pandora bracelet, you will think of your four legged best friend.

Mother's Day Gift Guide for Dog Mom - Dog Mom Hat

Dog Mom Hat – $30

If you?re a dog mom or know a dog mom, then you know we are loud and proud about it. The Dog Mom hat from thedogmomco is a perfect staple to have in any dog mom?s wardrobe. Having a bad hair day? No problem, just throw on your dog mom hat and you?re ready to go. Even if you?re having a great hair day, the dog mom hat is a great additional to any outfit. With the beginning of summer coming up and the warm weather upon us, represent all dog moms by wearing this cute hat. I know I would love one for Mother?s Day.

Mother's Day Gift Guide for Dog Mom - Furbo Dog Camera

Furbo Dog Camera – $299

The Furbo Dog Camera, this is one gift I wish I had. Ellen DeGreneres had this on her show around Christmas I believe and I have wanted it ever since. Are you worried that your fur baby is alone all day? Do you miss them when you?re at work, or out of the house? Fear not! The Furbo is here and has the solutions to all your problems. The Furbo allows you to see and talk to your doggie while you?re not home. It even sends you alerts when your dog is active, if there is a human or if your furry friend is barking. The best part though, is that you can throw your four legged friend treats! Now you can reward them for good behaviour when you?re not even home! For a limited time, Furbo is having a Mother?s Day sale, offering $85 off your purchase.

Mother's Day Gift Guide for Dog Mom - Bark & Co Schoodles

Bark & Co Shoodles by Bucketfeet – $95


Every dog mom wants to walk her dog in style. Make sure the dog mom in your life is stylish with these Bark & Co Shoodles. Slip your feet into a pair of these super adorable bucketfeet shoes, that feature illustrations by Dave Coverly. You?ll always be representing dog moms while wearing these shoes. Worried about getting them dirty during those muddy dog walks? That?s okay, they also come in grey and black which shows less dirt. But let?s be honest, you should just buy both pairs because the dog mom in your life will be getting lots of use out of these.

Mother's Day Gift Guide for Dog Mom - Fur Baby Mama Mug

Fur Baby Mama Mug – $17

This super cute Fur Baby Mama mug is sure to put a smile on her face this Mother?s Day. The floral pattern for the paw print is adorable and screams Mother?s Day. The dog mom in your life will continue to love this mug day and day. They can enjoy is at home or bring it to the office to show everyone how proud they are to be a Fur Baby Mama. If you want to give a mug but want a different saying, Home Sweet Pet on Etsy, has different options to choose from, as well as pet tags. So you can treat the dog mom and the dog!

Mother's Day Gift Guide for Dog Mom - Crazy Dog Lady Tote Bag

Crazy Dog Lady Tote Bag – $15

We?ve all heard about the crazy cat lady, but let?s be real. All of us dog moms have a little bit of crazy in us as well. This super cute and handy Crazy Dog Lady Tote Bag, lets everyone know just how crazy you are about your dog. It?s great for your dog mom to carry her belongings in. But even better for carrying your dogs stuff in. It works great for overnight trips to pack your fur babies, toys, treats, blankets, and other necessities. The tote is also great to use for running errands, or grocery shopping. Any dog mom would love to have this as an addition to her daily life.

Mother's Day Gift Guide for Dog Mom - Dog Mom T-Shirt

Dog Mom T-Shirt – $24

Buy this for the dog mom in your life, and it is quickly become a staple item. The Dog Mom shirt is something that dog moms can represent everyday and never get tired of it! These dog mom t-shirts from LucyGooseCo are available in about 15 different colours. Which makes it possible to wear one every day of the week. These t-shirts are classic and cute. You can wear them with jean shorts and skirts during the summer or jeans and leggings during the winter. They are so versatile and there will be no mistaking that you love your dog. This is a great Mother?s Day gift that any dog mom would love and enjoy.

Mother's Day Gift Guide for Dog Mom - Dog Treat Jar

Dog Treat Jar by Amici Pet Beverly Hills – $10

A Dog Treat Jar is a great gift for the dog mom, the dog and anyone in the house that gives the dog treats. They are a cute addition to your kitchen counter, or wherever you like to store your dog treats. They are also super helpful and efficient at de-cluttering treat bags. I don?t know about your dog, but our dogs know the second the treat bag is picked up and they are there waiting to receive one. Really, the crinkle of any bag, has our dogs up in our business wanting whatever we have. Eliminate that problem with a jar, and soon the dogs are always wanting your food from the crinkly bag. These treat jars are also great for keeping smaller amounts of treats out at a time. We buy the largest bag of duck treats we can find and then fill up the jar. The rest of the bag we store in the cupboard, to free up counter space in our kitchen. Apart from it?s functionality, it?s adorable and adds to the d?cor in your home. So any dog mom would love this gift for Mother?s Day!

Mother's Day Gift Guide for Dog Mom - Friendship Collar

Puppy Love Friendship Collar – $45

Dog Mom?s are always buying new stuff for their doggies. I know that I am always buying my little Marlee new collars to keep up with holidays and the seasons. But while she is always looking cute and stylish, I?m left out. Which is why Friendship Collar is a great solution. Now the human isn?t left out while the dog is looking trendy. When you purchase your dog a collar, you get a matching bracelet. Because #twinning. Friendship Collar offers so many different patterns, but my favourite for Mother?s Day is the Puppy Love pattern. It?s pink with little hearts and couldn?t be cuter. You have a boy dog? That?s okay, now a days real men wear pink, didn?t you know? But if you?re not okay with that, like I said, there are a variety of different colours and patterns available for you and your fur baby to wear and match. Don?t forget the best part! While you and your pup get to match, with every purchase of a Friendship Collar you are helping to feed other doggies in animal shelters. So really, it?s the gift that keeps on giving!


Mother's Day Gift Guide for Dog Mom - ED Ellen DeGeneres Kitchen Towel Dog Print

Dog Kitchen Towel by ED Ellen DeGeneres – $8 each

Most dog mom?s love anything dog related. That?s why these ED Ellen DeGeneres kitchen towels are perfect for a Mother?s Day gift. Being a dog mom myself, I love having little cute reminders of dogs all over the house. Every time the dog mom in your life uses one of these kitchen towels, it will make her smile and think of her furry friend. They are also very useful since everyone needs kitchen towels, so why not buy ones that are fun? There will be no questioning whether you?re a dog lover with these in your kitchen.

We hope you love all of these items as much as we do! While mom deserves every item on this list, we hope you have found at least one or two that you are excited to give her.

Let us know if you purchase any of these items, or if you have other ideas to include for next year!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the dog moms out there!

Wet Kisses and Tail Wags,
Karlee and Marlee