Father’s Day Gift Guide for Dog Dads

Father's Day Gift Guide for Dog Dads

Celebrate the Dog Dad in your life this Father?s Day and let them know how important they are to you! Father?s Day isn?t only for dads with human children. Dog dads work just as hard as a regular human dad. There?s lots of responsibility and hard work that comes along with being a dog dad, picking up poop, filling the water and food bowls, early morning walks, bedtime cuddles. It?s just like having a human child. So spoil the dog dad in your life this Father?s Day because picking up dog poop is hard stinky work!

1. Beer Cozy: Dog Beers – $4.99US

Father's Day Gift Guide for Dog Dads - Beer Cozy

Is your dog dad a beer drinker? If the answer to that question is a yes, than they will love this gift. This beer cozy says, ?Beers are like dogs, they prefer to run in packs!? This is a super nice and cute gift that any dad that?s a beer drinker would love. If you don?t like this saying, check out the other beer cozies on the My Beer Cozy website. They have other dog-related cozies that the dog dad in your life will also love!

2. Personalized Paw Print Cufflinks – $190US

Father's Day Gift Guide for Dog Dads - Personalized Paw Print Cufflinks

If your dog dad dresses in a suit and tie everyday for work, they will love these personalized cufflinks. These aren?t your typical personalized cufflinks that are monogramed. These cufflinks are from Silver Pet Prints and they will put your dogs paw print on a pair of cufflinks. Your dog dad now never has to leave to go to work with leaving their dog behind. Take along your four-legged friend in any way that you can!

3. Best Dog Dad Ever T-shirt ? 13.99US

Father's Day Gift Guide for Dog Dads - Best Dog Dad Ever T-Shirt

Tell the dog dad in your life that they are the Best Dog Dad Ever with this super cute t-shirt. While Father?s Day may only be one day a year, the dog dad in your life won?t forget that you love them with this t-shirt. They can wear it any day of the year and proudly show that they are, the Best Dog Dad Ever!

4. Pop Your Pup Personalized Canvas – $149.99US

Father's Day Gift Guide for Dog Dads - Pop Your Pup Personalized Canvas

Who wouldn?t love a picture of their dog? Hang this personalized canvas in your home so that you and your furry friend can enjoy looking at them. This is a great gift for any dog dad that has lost their pup or genuinely just loves their dog. I know I love looking at pictures of my sweet girl and a personalized canvas of her would be amazing.

5. Cookbook for Dogs ? $12.90

Father's Day Gift Guide for Dog Dads - Cookbook for Dogs

For the hands on dad, this cookbook is perfect. Get messy in the kitchen cooking up a meal or some treats for your four-legged best friend. Begging is allowed in this kitchen, since you will be cooking for your doggie. This gift is also great for the dog dad that wants to spend time at home with their furry best friend. The best part is that this cookbook is less than $13 on amazon!

6. World?s Best Dog Dad Mug – $16.86

Father's Day Gift Guide for Dog Dads - World's Best Dog Dad Mug

Let everyone know that you?re the World?s Best Dog Dad with this mug from Strictly Business Mugs. Use this mug at home for your morning coffee, or bring to the office to let the whole world know how amazing you are. If you don?t like this style of dog dad mug, check out the other options from this cute Etsy shop!

7. Personalized Keychain – $29.46

Father's Day Gift Guide for Dog Dads - Personalized Keychain

Everyone has a key that needs a keychain. Which is why this is a great gift idea! At Rosie?s Pendants they make personalized keychains where you can have a picture of you and your dog on one side. On the other side a cute saying such as ?This Dad belongs to a *insert dog breed*? This is such a nice keepsake that any dog dad would love to have. Not to mention, they will be able to show off their doggie anywhere they go!

8. ?PupSocks – $29.99US

Father's Day Gift Guide for Dog Dads - PupSocks

What is more personal than your dogs face on your socks? Everyone wears socks at some point, and now you can walk around with your best friends face on your feet! Pup Socks?is the company that makes these personalized socks and they do it for the low price of $29.99US. Any dog dad would love a pair of these, and at that price, why not get two pairs?

9. Dog Dad AF Hat – $26.77

Father's Day Gift Guide for Dog Dads - Dog Dad AF Hat

The sun getting bright while you?re walking your dog everyday? The closer we get to summer the more important a hat is. Step out in style with this Dog Dad AF Hat from the Etsy shop Zira The Corgi! Now you can represent being a dog dad everywhere you go with this trendy hat. All the other dads at the dog park are going to be jealous.

10. DIY Pet Safe Ink Paw Print Picture – $20

Father's Day Gift Guide for Dog Dads - DIY Pet Safe Ink Paw Print Picture

Some of the best gifts are handmade ones, or should we say paw-made. Check out our DIY Pet Safe Ink Paw Print Picture! This gift is super easy to make and costs $20 or less. The majority of the cost is in the picture frame, so you could even go to your local dollar store and pick up a cheap canvas to do this DIY project on. Trust me the dog dad in your life will love this gift because of the meaning behind it, not the money spent!

11. Dog Dad Father?s Day Card – $5.83

Father's Day Gift Guide for Dog Dads - Father's Day Card

Don?t forget the card! Every gift needs a cute or witty card to go along with it. The Etsy shop Wonderflies, makes this cute but funny card that any dog dad would love. This card would work for any breed, size, or age of dog, because let?s be real all dogs poop and someone?s got to pick it up!

We hope that our Father?s Day Gift Guide for Dog Dads helps you! Make sure you celebrate all dads this Father?s Day! Remember that it?s not how much the gift costs but that it comes from your heart.

Let us know if you purchase any of these gifts for the Dog Dad in your life this Father?s Day!

Happy Father?s Day to all of the Dog and Human Dads out there!

Wet Kisses and Tail Wags,
Karlee and Marlee

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DIY Pet Safe Ink Paw Print Picture

DIY Pet Safe Ink Paw Print Picture

As pet parents, we always want to document our pet?s lives and enjoy the time we have with them. Let?s face it; while we may like to believe that our pets are going to live forever, chances are we will live longer than them. That means you need to soak up and make the most out of the time we have them in our lives. One way to do that is by including them in fun DIYs and documenting the years they spend with us. That is why I am bringing to you, this DIY Pet Safe Ink Paw Print Picture.

Your pets paw print is something special, and a great way to showcase and include them in your life. You can create this DIY for a birthday, holiday or just to have in your house. We made this for Father?s Day but it would make a great gift for a dog lover for any occasion.

When I decided that I wanted to make Pet Safe Ink, I started trouble shooting different alternatives. Eventually I came up with this idea, which I feel safe and happy with. There are pet safe inks on the market that you can purchase, but the idea of putting chemicals on my dogs paw makes me worried. Not to mention, I don?t want anything sticking to her paw long term.

Kool-Aid is a simple and cheap alternative pet safe ink. If it sticks to your dogs paw for a while longer, it won?t hurt them and frankly, it?s pretty easy to wipe off. The different colours also make it unique and easy to tailor to the gift receiver. So lets get started on this DIY Pet Safe Ink Paw Print Picture.


DIY Pet Safe Ink Paw Print Picture Materials


  1. Make sure you have a clean surface and have all of your materials set out.
  2. Measure your white cardstock against the picture frame insert or glass. Make a mark using your pencil on the white cardstock the size of the glass insert and cut out the cardstock with your scissors.
    DIY Pet Safe Ink Paw Print Picture - Tracing Frame SizeDIY Pet Safe Ink Paw Print Picture - Cutting Cardstock
  3. On a plate or in a shallow bowl, pour your Kool-Aid powder mix. I could only find Kool-Aid singles, so I used about 2 and a half packages. If you have a larger dog, you will need more because their paws will be bigger.
  4. Next, add a very small amount of water to the powder mix. You don?t want to add too much because you don?t want it runny. Combine the powder mix and the water into a paste. If you have added too much water, add more Kool-Aid.
    DIY Pet Safe Ink Paw Print Picture - Kool-Aid MixDIY Pet Safe Ink Paw Print Picture - Kool-Aid Paste
  5. Pull out a 3-4 Pet Safe Wet Wipes. We use BarkBar Dry Grooming Multi-Purpose Wipes for Dogs.
  6. Take your dog and check to make sure their paw is clean. Then dip their paw into the Kool-Aid paste you have made. Depending on your dog and your paste consistency, you may have to paint their paw. Just use a regular paintbrush or a glazing/marinating brush. I wouldn?t recommend using a metal spoon because this may be cold on your dogs paw.
    DIY Pet Safe Ink Paw Print Picture - Dipping Marlee's Paw in the Kool-Aid PasteDIY Pet Safe Ink Paw Print Picture - Making Marlee's Paw Print
  7. Once your dog?s paw is covered in the Kool-Aid paste, quickly place their paw on the white cardstock. Aiming to have it in the middle or slightly higher.
  8. Pick up their paw and wipe it with Pet Safe Wet Wipes. Depending on your dogs colouring, it may be ideal to wash their paw with soap and water to get the Kool-Aid colour out. However the Kool-Aid is safe for them to eat if there is a small amount still left on their paw.
  9. Wait for the paste to dry for 8 hours or I recommend overnight. The dried Kool-Aid may be sticky, so leave it in a safe place.
  10. Underneath the paw print, write your dogs name, the year and the occasion, in pen or marker. For example, we wrote Marlee?s Paw ? Father?s Day 2018. Once everything is dry, put your cardstock in the picture frame, and wrap it up to give as a gift, or just hang it in your home as d?cor.

There you have, 10 super easy steps to Pet Safe Ink that you can use for any project. Even if yours turns out not so neat like ours did. That doesn?t mean you can?t still give it as a gift. I feel like the imperfection of the paw print makes it more special because life, especially with animals is never perfect.

DIY Pet Safe Ink Paw Print Picture - Marlee's Paw Print

What made Marlee?s paw print so messy is the fact that she has a ton of fur between the pads of her paws. If your dog has fur between their pads like Marlee does, would recommend trimming the hair. We didn?t do this because Marlee hates us touching her paws (as most dogs do) and our groomer does this for us. Marlee is in between grooming appointments right now so we don?t want to mess up our usual schedule.

However, like I said, the imperfection of the paw print is totally okay with us. What matters is the time we spent with our dog creating her paw print and documenting this time in our lives.

DIY Pet Safe Ink Paw Print Picture

We hope that you have enjoyed our take on alternative pet safe ink and that you find this useful for your next DIY project. Let us know if you try out this Pet Safe Ink and what projects you have done that included your four-legged friend.

Don?t forget to check out our other DIY projects!

Wet Kisses and Tail Wags,
Karlee and Marlee

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Our Trip to Woofstock – North America’s Largest Festival for Dogs

Our Trip to Woofstock - North America?s Largest Festival for Dogs

What Is Woofstock?

This past weekend my husband and I attended Woofstock. Woofstock is North America?s largest outdoor festival for dogs. This year was the 15th anniversary of the festival and was held at Woodbine Park in Toronto, ON. The list of vendors and attractions for dogs and their hoomans was endless. Some of them included, PureBites, foufouBRANDS, Big Country Raw, Westies in Need, Mega Dog Raw, Open Farm, PetValu, kijiji, dyson, Canine Cupcakes and Couture, The Body Shop, VitaLife, Royal Canin, Eukanuba, Canadian Tire, Benny Bully?s, MuttLuks, Canada Pooch and so many more!

When Did We Go?

We went to Woofstock on the Sunday, which was May 27th, since we were busy on the Saturday. My husband and I also agreed that while we would have loved to bring Marlee along, it didn?t make sense for us to. Marlee absolutely hates car rides, they give her anxiety and it?s really just not comfortable for anyone. Woofstock was about an hour and a half to two hours away from our house depending on the traffic. It was also a super hot day, which mixed with the long car ride, just didn?t seem fair. But that?s okay because we still had a great time and were able to bring some goodies home from Woofstock for Marlee.

What Did We See?

Woofstock had a variety of different exhibitors and attractions. As we got closer to Woodbine Park and were looking for a parking spot, we could already see many hoomans and their dogs walking around. Once we entered Woofstock there were so many dogs and people around all enjoying the day. The entrance that we entered from was the main entrance and was right in front of the information booth. This is a great spot to stop off at first because you can enter some contests, fill out a survey and get a map! There is also a big legend/map to the left of the booth, so if you?re looking for specific vendors, you can do so very easily.

Our Trip to Woofstock - North America?s Largest Festival for Dogs Information Booth

The map you receive from the information booth is extremely useful. All of the tents are labeled with a number and colour coordinated. The colours let you know if the company is a sponsor, exhibitor, apart of the rescue village, food and bar or the puppy patch. Other symbols let you know where to find the information booth, washrooms, first aid, the entrances and exits, ATMs, as well as water stations. If you?re bringing your dog along, you will definitely want to know where water stations are. This weekend was especially hot and fresh water for your dog all day out in the sun is of the upmost importance.

Other things to note on the map are the schedules. There were several areas located around the park that had different events going on. Some of these included events at the Main Stage, which was located near the Main Entrance. As well as, the Crumps? Arena, PC SuperDogs, Ultimutts Stunt Dogs, and Blue Buffalo Dock Dogs Competition. All of these areas had their own events happening at scheduled times throughout the day.

You also could have your doggie participate in Toronto?s Biggest Doggie Meet Up with Open Farm?s Off Leash area. This is a doggie favourite along with unlimited free lure courses by Eukanuba and Benny Bully?s, visiting the Woofstock Rescue Village, the Breeders Village and the Kitty Korner. Since we didn?t bring Marlee along we obviously weren?t able to have her participate in these, but it was still fun to walk around and see the other dogs enjoying them.

Our Trip to Woofstock - North America?s Largest Festival for Dogs Canada Pooch Booth

What Booths Did We Visit?

There was one booth that I really wanted to visit and that was the Canada Pooch booth. It was too bad that we didn?t bring Marlee along for this because Canada Pooch was holding a super cute contest. Where the dogs could try out some of the Canada Pooch products such as t-shirts and jackets and have their picture taken. They were then entered into a contest with the chance to win a $150 gift certificate, be a model in their upcoming shoot, be featured on their website, as well as on their instagram account. So that would have been pretty cool. But we were able to see a ton of dogs dress up and get their pictures taken me.

Canada Pooch also had great customer service and helped us out with purchasing a new rain jacket for Marlee. We had been waiting in their line for a while and my husband asked if it was possible to just purchase a rain jacket. Everyone else in line had their dogs with them and were waiting for pictures. However, all we wanted was a watermelon rain jacket for Marlee, which I had been eyeing for a while. I hate speaking up and truly would have waited in that line all day but it was super hot and my husband was antsy. So he asked one of the girls working at the booth if it was possible just to purchase one of the rain jackets and not have to wait for all the dogs to get their pictures taken.

The Canada Pooch employees were so amazing; they let us purchase the exact rain jacket that we wanted 40 minutes early. They told us that they were only selling product between 4pm and 5pm. But since we didn?t have our dog with us and we drove almost 2 hours there, they made an exception. Their customer service was amazing, and this alone was worth the trip to Woofstock!

Our Trip to Woofstock - North America?s Largest Festival for Dogs Benny Bully's Booth

Some of the other booths that we visited were Benny Bully?s and VitaLife. Both of these companies make Marlee?s favourite dog treats. We also walked around and looked at pother products that were being sold. We watched some of the lure courses, which were super fun. Marlee loves to run but her agility isn?t up to par and since she isn?t very motivated it?s hard to get her to even bring back a ball once you have thrown it. So we always love watching dogs that are able to run really fast and do obstacle courses.

What Did We Buy?

Canada Pooch Watermelon Pick Me Poncho

Our Trip to Woofstock - North America?s Largest Festival for Dogs Canada Pooch Watermelons Pick Me Poncho

We purchased the watermelon rain jacket from Canada Pooch as I mentioned above. This was a great experience; they were so nice and sold us the rain jacket for $20. If you go on their website you will see the Pick Me Poncho in the Watermelon print is regularly $24. You then also have to pay taxes and shipping. Unless you purchase $60 or more then you get free shipping. So we saved quite a bit of money by purchasing this rain jacket at Woofstock.

One of the other vendors that I really wanted to stop by was Benny Bully?s. These are one of the top two of Marlee?s favourite treats. For as long as we have had Marlee she has loved beef liver treats. They are tasty for dogs and have a small amount of calories. This makes them great for training your dog, as well as just a regular reward treat. Benny Bully?s makes a variety of different flavours, as well as many different sized bags.

Benny Bully?s Beef Liver Treats

Our Trip to Woofstock - North America?s Largest Festival for Dogs Benny Bully's Beef Liver Plus Blueberry and Beef Liver Plus Cranberry

We usually buy Benny Bully?s at our local Ruffin?s Pet Centres and they have a fairly good selection. However, I have been on the hunt for some of the newer flavours that Benny Bully?s has out. So while we were at Woofstock this was one of the stops on my list. The regular 58g (2.1 oz.) bags that we purchase are generally around $7.99 at out Ruffin?s Pet Centre but most places sell them for $8.99. At the Benny Bully?s booth they had baskets filled with treats, and so many different types.

They were selling the 58g bags 2 for $10, which is a great price and you could mix and match between flavours. We ended up purchasing 2 bags, one flavour Beef Liver & Real Cranberry and the other Beef Liver and Real Blueberry. These are two flavours I have been looking for so I was happy to find them at Woofstock. I was worried that Marlee potentially would not have liked them to I only purchased one bag of each, but now I wish I had bought more. We may be in trouble when we run out and are looking for these again.

VitaLife Duck Tenders

Our Trip to Woofstock - North America?s Largest Festival for Dogs VitaLife Duck Tender Treats

The last stop we made was to the VitaLife booth. These are Marlee?s absolute favourite treats she would be lost without the VitaLife Duck Tenders. They are one of the few treats that she has faithfully loved since we rescued her almost two years ago. As I have mentioned many times in previous posts, she is an extremely picky dog when it comes to food. When we first recused her she was severely under weight and she didn?t like to eat at all. We tried a number of different foods and she wouldn?t eat very much of any of them or she would start on one and quickly lose interest.

It was the VitaLife Duck Tenders that helped us to put some weight on Marlee. Once she tried these she was hooked. I don?t think we have gone many days since without her eating them. Like I said, they are her favourite and the only food she has faithfully eaten since we rescued her. She continues to be excited when she sees them and gobbles them down like she?s scared someone will steal them. Since they are duck, it is a fattier meat so they really helped with her gaining a bit of weight.

Marlee is allergic to chicken, so that is a no go for her. We used to give her the VitaLife Chicken Tenders as well as the Chicken Wrapped Apples and she loved those. But unfortunately after a while we learned she is badly allergic to chicken so we now only give her the Duck Tenders. I don?t think she cares too much since she loves duck! Due to this reason we stopped by the VitaLife booth at Woodstock.

They were selling their 454g bags of treats 2 for $10 and their 908g bags of treats 2 for $30. While we can always use the biggest bags of treats in our house we opted to purchase 2 of the 454g bags of Duck Tenders for $10. I actually realized that it would have made the most sense to purchase four bags of the 454g treats for $20 than 2 908g bags for $30. Unfortunately I realized this after we left but that?s okay because we still got 2 bags and will be stocked up for a little while.

We only purchased products from 3 vendors since these were Marlee?s absolute favourite. However, there were so many vendors that were selling products. We checked out some of the other vendors. But our main priorities for the day were to visit our favourite companies and save some money on their products.

Our Trip to Woofstock - North America?s Largest Festival for Dogs Canadian Tire Booth

Was the Day Worth It?

At the end of the day we were extremely happy and felt that the day was worth it. Even though we didn?t bring Marlee along, it was still a great day for us hoomans. We were able to walk around and stay out in the sun with no stress about our pooch. It was also really fun just to see all the dogs; it is always nice to see different breeds and their personalities.

I feel that the experience and the savings on what we purchased was well worth the money spent on gas and entry into Woofstock. Even without our dog we had a great experience. Our interaction with Canada Pooch was also the highlight of our day and made it all worth it. If you are planning on going next year and bringing your doggie along, I recommend doing some research in advance. It can be an exhausting day for the dog and the human.

Will We Be Going Again?

We are planning on attending Woofstock again next year and this time bringing Marlee along. We are thinking about staying at my parent?s house in the GTA the night before so that the drive is shorter. While we had a great time without bringing Marlee along this trip, I feel like you get the most out of Woofstock if you bring along your four-legged friend. We also plan on taking advantage of all of the contests that are being held and the extra activities that the dogs are participate in.

7 Tips for Bringing Your Dog to Woofstock

Our Trip to Woofstock - North America?s Largest Festival for Dogs

1. Get There Early

We had to walk really far since it was impossible to find a parking spot. This would not have been fun with our little dog along. She would have gotten tired early on and we would have had to hold her most of the day. Needless to say, get there are easrly as possible so that you get a good parking spot. You also don’t want to miss any of the events!

2. Purchase Your Tickets in Advance

The online advance ticket price is cheaper than purchasing at the door. You also get to skip one of the lines and can get your ticket scanned right away. If you purchase at Woofstock you need to go to two different lines.

3. Bring Water and a Collapsible Dog Bowl

The water stations are great, but all of the ones we saw were shared bowls. If you have a picky dog bring your own along. I know Marlee would have turned her nose up at the bowls even though they refill them regularly. You will also want water for the humans! You may even want to bring along some human snacks and dog treats.

4. Plan Out Your Day

When you first get there it is extremely overwhelming. I recommend looking up the vendors before hand so you know who is there and what not to miss. Then when you enter the festival you can map out where to go without wasting any time or missing any vendors.

5. Don?t Forget Poop Bags!

This is so important. You?re outside on grass all day with tons of dogs around. Chances are anyone around you will have some if your dog does their business but you don?t want to be that person asking people for favours. Remember your poop bags, because well shit happens.

6. Bring a Backpack/Bag

Unlike many other festivals Woodstock doesn?t seem to prohibit them. While I won?t get into how this could be a potential safety problem, it is also nice to be able to bring in bags. The purchases we made were pretty heavy by the end of the day and the walk back to our car was long. Now add in having a dog with you, this could get exhausting.

7. Bring Cash

There are ATMs available and some vendors had debit and credit card machines, but almost all of the vendors require cash. Stop at the bank before you come along to save some money and not waste time. We spent around $70 on the day not including gas and this was on the lower side. We didn?t want to spend too much money and we didn?t purchase food in the festival. I imagine most people probably spend around $200 depending on their purchases.

Our Trip to Woofstock - North America?s Largest Festival for Dogs Information Flyers

Overall Thoughts and Feelings

Overall Woofstock was definitely a success. We had a great day, it was well worth the drive and the heat. The vendors we saw and interacted with were so nice and had great customer service. The sales were also amazing and Marlee was extremely happy when we got home with her goodies. You will definitely see us there next year with Marlee leading the way!

Our Trip to Woofstock - North America?s Largest Festival for Dogs Entertainment Stage

Let us know if you attended Woofstock this year, or if you plan to next year in the comments! Also check out our Events page, for all the events in Ontario this year!

Wet Kisses and Tail Wags,
Karlee and Marlee

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What’s in Marlee’s Dog Overnight Bag

What's in Marlee's Dog Overnight Bag

Last week we went to my parent’s house for the Victoria long weekend and to celebrate my nephew’s birthday and mine. Whenever my husband and I are both going away overnight we almost always bring Marlee along. Especially if it?s to my parents house because Marlee loves her Nana and Grandpa. So this blog post is to help you pack a dog overnight bag. Some people may think some of these things are straightforward. Others may never bring their dog overnight and not know what to pack. While others may think that some of these things are excessive and not necessary, but we always like to be prepared and lets face it, Marlee is a high maintenance dog. So we bring to you, What?s in Marlee?s Overnight Bag!

What's in Marlee's Dog Overnight Bag - Sweater and Rain Jacket

Sweater and Rain Jacket

Now that it is spring/summer this isn?t as necessary as usual but we always like to have at least one sweater on hand. Marlee recently had her hair cut which means she really doesn?t have much left. When she has short hair she gets cold really easily. Our Canadian weather is so unpredictable that sometimes the temperature will be low in the evenings and hot during the day. So we find it important to always have a sweater with us so that we can go for evening walks with no fear of Marlee getting cold.

A rain jacket is also important especially like I said with our unpredictable weather. When we left last Saturday to go to my parent?s house, it was pouring rain. Due to that reason we brought along Marlee?s Canada Pooch Perfect Poncho rain jacket. We ended up not needing to use it but we felt better knowing that we had it with us if we needed it. When Marlee gets wet since she has curly hair is really holds the water and makes her freezing cold. Sometimes this is nice, such as in the middle of the summer when it?s stinking hot out, but not so much when the temperature drops. That?s why we like to include a jacket of some kind in Marlee?s dog overnight bag. We highly recommend it for any dog overnight bag.

What's in Marlee's Dog Overnight Bag - Harnesses

Harness, Leash and Poop Bags

These items are pretty straightforward and are no brainers. But you always want to make sure that you put them on your list when you?re packing. We often let Marlee out to go pee before putting her in the car and since we live in the country we don?t leash her to do this. I cannot tell you the amount of times that we have done this and it has resulted in us forgetting a harness or a leash. Marlee has to have a harness or she won?t walk on a leash. This is something that we learned when we first got her. Since she is a rescue dog and previous to us owning her, she had never worn a collar or walked on a leash its one of her quirks. We purchase Marlee?s harnesses from PetSmart?or Ren’s Pets Depot.

Marlee also prefers retractable leashes as many small dogs do. We pack one of these for our trips so that she can always go on walks even if there is a backyard. Whenever we forget a harness or leash we always end up going and buying a new one, which can get expensive. But there is nothing worse than your dog not being able to go on walks and get out their pent up energy or not get exercise. Also, don?t forget poop bags. If you?re bringing your dog on a walk it?s important for you to pick up your dogs poop.

What's in Marlee's Dog Overnight Bag - Leash and Poop Bags

The best way we have found to carry poop bags is with a pet waste bag dispenser. These just clips onto your dogs leash and then when they do their business it?s easy for you to just pull out a bag. I purchased our waste bag dispenser from our local PetSmart and you can also purchase extra poop bags their as well. I have also purchased some from Costco. Both stores sell the poop bags for somewhat inexpensive. Which is perfect since these are a must have item in a dog overnight bag.

Depending on if Marlee has a jacket on or is just au natural is how we decide which harness to put on her. In all honesty her favourite harness is currently missing so we will have to buy her a new one. However, if she has a sweater or jacket on we usually use a rope harness, the grey one in the picture. If she has nothing on, then we use the purple mesh harness since it is more comfortable against her skin and fur.

What's in Marlee's Dog Overnight Bag - BarkBox Toys


Some people may not think that toys are necessary for their dog, but Marlee loves to play and needs her toys. It?s always also really important for your dog to have things with them that they are familiar with. Just like children you want to give your pet their comfort items. For Marlee these are hers toys as well as a couple other items I will talk about later on.

We always make sure to add in some toys that are her favourite such as the Clam Overboard! toy that she received in her April BarkBox. This toy has three parts to it, which she loves. She is always chasing after and squeaking the little pearls from inside the clam. I also always make sure that she has a tug toy because she loves to play tug. We also add in a couple extra just for good measure.

Something we also always include that is not pictured, is that we bring a tennis ball along. That way we can play fetch with Marlee (even though she still doesn?t 100% get the concept of bringing it back). Marlee also loves to greet people at the front door with toys in her mouth. When someone comes in the door, she will literally run for a toy just to bring it to whoever came in and greet them. This is something she learned from my mother in laws golden retriever but it is pretty cute.

Needless to say, we always make sure that we pack toys in Marlee?s dog overnight bad and they are essential for any dog overnight bag.

What's in Marlee's Dog Overnight Bag - Dog Water and Food Bowls

Water and Food Bowls

This is another no brainer but very easy to forget. I find that if we don?t make a list of what to pack, we almost always forget something. Usually its Marlee?s leash or harness like I mentioned above, but we have also forgotten her water and food bowls. Depending on where you?re going you may be able to get by borrowing a regular bowl from someone.

However, if you have a picky dog or a dog that will only drink out of his or her own bowl you may be in for some trouble. Luckily for us, Marlee is past the point of not being able to drink out of a different bowl. But we still don?t like to forget to put her bowls in her dog overnight bag.

What's in Marlee's Dog Overnight Bag - VitaLife Duck Tenders and Benny Bully's Beef Liver Treats


This is an absolute must! If your dog is used to getting treats as rewards you definitely don?t want to forget these. Marlee almost always gets a little treat when she comes in from doing her business outside as well as before bed. When we first got her, she was severely underweight so apart from her regular food this was a good way to help her put some weight on.

If you follow our blog and read our posts regularly you know how picky Marlee is about food. Therefore, her two favourite types of treats are the VitaLife Duck Tenders?and beef liver. We have recently started buying the Benny Bully Beef Liver treats. These come in so many different flavours. At home we keep a jar full of the regular flavoured beef liver, but when we are on the go we have smaller bags of different flavours. Marlee has recently started to love the Benny Bully’s Apple Beef Liver?and the Benny Bully’s Sweet Potato Beef Liver. So we bring those along with us because she loves them. We can break the pieces into smaller sizes so they last longer and they are in small reseal able bags, which is so convenient.

I don?t think Marlee would forgive us if we forgot her treats. In fact, I?m sure she would demand for us to make a trip to the nearest pet store to stock up. Therefore, make sure you pack your dogs favourite treats in their dog overnight bag, or you may be in trouble.

What's in Marlee's Dog Overnight Bag - Tom and Sawyer Dog Food


This is also stating the obvious, but can you imagine if you forgot it? Your pets food is something you definitely want to pack or it could be costly. Depending what type of food your dog eats, you can potentially pack it in their bag in advance. But if your dog is on a frozen or refrigerated food like Marlee, make sure you do this last. Marlee is currently on two types of food since she is extremely picky. She has been on the raw food Instinct Raw?for a long time and has gotten bored of it. So we have started adding in food from Tom and Sawyer. Marlee sometimes loves this food and sometimes is indifferent towards it.

Regardless, both of these foods need to be either in the freezer or fridge. We pack these items last. If your dog is on a food like this, it is also important to consider putting it in a freezer bag or cooler with some ice packs. That way it won?t go bad in transportation, depending on how long your car ride is.

If your dog is on a dry food or a kibble, we recommend taking out your dog?s daily amount and storing it in a plastic freezer bag or a storage container. That way you are saving on space and not transporting the entire food bag. It will keep all of the food more fresh and cut down on the weight of the bag. My brother in law and his wife do this for their dog when travelling with him. They also add in a measuring cup so that they never over feed him. This is especially important if someone else is watching your dog and is in charge of feeding them. Out of everything on this list I would rank this as the number one important item to put in a dog overnight bag.

What's in Marlee's Dog Overnight Bag - Dog Bed and Blanket

Blanket and Bed

Marlee being a spoiled little doggie needs her bed and blanket to come along with her overnight. She actually sleeps in bed with us, but she needs her bed just in case. Marlee sits in her bed in the car, which is a comfort for her. She also likes to sleep in it during the day while we are out or just doing stuff around the house. Marlee has a total of three beds in our house and one at my mother in laws. She treats all of her beds equally and knows that they are hers.

We only bring one bed along on overnight trips because truly any more than that is rather excessive. But remember before when I mentioned it being important that your dog had items that were familiar to them? Well this is another one that is very important. For other dogs this may be in the form of their crate. Marlee is crate trained but it never truly became her safe place. Her safe place is her bed.

Going along with her bed is her blanket. I know now she sounds like a child, but she loves her blanket. She has had it for a long time and loves to burrow in it. We keep it in her bed and she just digs and gets right under it when she?s cold and wants to take a nap. Since she does like digging and burrowing in blankets, it?s always important for us to bring this along. Otherwise she would be destroying everyone?s blankets, which would not be a good thing.

If your dog has something they are attached to make sure you bring that along. For many dogs that is their bed or their toys but for Marlee it is also her blanket. Make sure you pack what your dog is familiar with in their dog overnight bag.

Well that is what we packed in Marlee?s dog overnight bag. But like I said, these items may be different for your dog. You may see some of the items on this list and think that for you and your dog they aren?t necessary and that?s okay. Your dog may also need other items that we haven?t listed because they are important to your dog. Pack whatever works for you but don?t forget some of those important ones like food, treats and a leash! These items I would say are the bare minimum items. Then you can pack the extras like sweaters, toys, bed and blankets.

Let us know what you pack in your dog overnight bag and if you think we should add any essential items to our list!

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